16 Dec, 2016

Frontier Led by Logistics and Assets

16 Dec, 2016

Approaching 20 years ago, Frontier Logistics was assembled through a joint venture between consultants and industry experts. It was this assembly that produced a leader in not only the supply chain management arena, but in the logistics market as well.

This Houston based logistics company can attribute its market successes from a collaboration of calculated cost implementation and innovative strategic assets. By building a fleet of tactical resources, Frontier Logistics takes inbound rail to a whole new level.


Their fleet of ‘strategic assets’, as they call them, can begin with their extensive rail-in, truck out operation, used to build inventory. This enables Frontier to avoid long lines for equipment, eliminates wasting fuel and under-utilizing trucks, resulting in a lower variable overhead cost. The following are just some of the tactical tools Frontier uses to elevate their distribution and transportation practices:

Locomotives – The backbone of the rail yard; by utilizing an in-house locomotive Frontier is able to supply customers with their high capacity packaging lines, keeping their rail moving with high rolling stock turnover. This creates greater flexibility for transport within the Frontier tracks with smoother logistical implementation.

Eliminators – 1550 cubic feet machinery installed in standard 40 foot ISO containers. These are used to eliminate spatial pockets and reduce friction during the loading and unloading process, designed specifically for the housing of bulk plastics and other dry goods.

Container Chassis – These enable Frontier to bypass the chassis yard and go directly to-and-from the port or rail ramp, reducing any unnecessary fuel usage, increasing truck productivity. Frontier offers an array of chassis from tri-axle sliders & non-sliders, to light weight chassis and spread axles, to the standard 20’ and 40’ sizes to accommodate most if not all volumes of trucking.

Railcar Movers (trackmobiles) – These unique vehicles are capable of lifting off the rails and repositioning themselves on rubber tires in order to bring cars to the packaging line. Delivering increased mobility and access throughout the rail yard and loading bays.



Lee & Associates, Commercial Real Estate is aggressively marketing the next and last industrial site in Railhead Industrial Park, with an existing 300,000 ft2 structure, 32’ clear warehouse with dual rail capabilities. For information contact Trey Fricke or Reid Bassinger at 972.934.4010


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